Somalis, we must share this Major L

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Tbh with a litte help this guy can become pretty decent, he has potential, i see it.

Let's not shoot down the dreams of our own in its infancy, people will gladly listen to West African af shimbir-eed with a popping beat and say it's lit (and it can be) even though the lyrics are lacking, you know what i'm talking about. Or ridiculous American rap with a fancy beat.

The way he is rapping is the way the somali language and rap can go hand in hand, i didn't think it was possible, but this guy's pace is the right rhythm. With some experience and support he can make it. I'll tell you this, in my ears, this brother sounds better than ilkacase and the rest.

The lyrics could've been better, but hey, it can always be fixed. The song's content was a criss cross between dacwa ("is xisaabi intaan lagu xisaabin"), and a death sentence, with 9mm to the head.

But then again, it all makes perfect sense. All in all, a diamond in the rough. ***
He looks like the Somali Big Sean.
The song though... Somali is NOT a rapping language. Sounds demented af.
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