Somalis should stop looking up to Arabs for Islam when Arabs are westernized

Al Muslim

الموت لامريكا الموت لإسرائيل
Hold up wym majority of prophets r not arabs?
I didn't say that in my original message maybe you replied to the wrong person. Of the prophets we know, 5 are Arab and they are Hud, Saleh, Shoaib, Ismail and Muhammed peace be upon him.


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Islam came to arabs because they were the most uncivilised people on earth.

Worshipping fire and burying their daughters alive.

Till this day they remain one of the biggest enemies of islam.


I've always seen people look up to Arabs if they're Muslims, but in reality, Arabs for both genders are statistically massive sellouts to white people, at least 40% of Arab men marry white women and 25% of Arab women marry white men, how in the world can any Muslims rely on Arabs for anything when they love white people so much statistically
You are right bro, Arabs are the least religious of all Muslims, especially their women are bat shit crazy, during my ciyaalasuuq times, I and couple of homies would sneak into VIP club exclusive for expats, with with weed or liquor and enter the club There were ton of Middle Eastern women in there , I have lost counts how many expat Arab women I smashed.
The majority of Lebanese emigrants are Christian. Ilhan and Rashida Tlaib were not the first 'Arab' members of congress as some declared. Even in the U.S, there have been Lebanese Christian congressmen in office, many of them anglicized their names. Of course, they're mostly Republicans while muslims are liberals.

Immigrants with conservative backgrounds join republicans when they come to america with the assumption that republicans are pro freedom of religion and care about God. But few years in, these immigrants learn from first hand experience the hypocrisy of republican voters and the party platform that generally reaks of white supremacy and contempt for all things non-white. Their trickle down economics is to serve the wealthy, government is for the wealthy and they write the rules, citinzenship is conditional and contingent upon your race. That means you can hold US citizenship for generations in your family and it means nothing in the minds of republicans if you aren't white.

Immigrants most of them conservatives(including somalis) when they come to america eventaully change their political stance and vote for democrats. And for a good reason.
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