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Somalis should intermarry..


As long as whoever they're mixing with isn't arab I'm quite indifferent to their decision.

Nevertheless if one decides to mix with arabs then I hope his/her kids, grandkids, mother, father sisters, brothers and in fact anybody this person has ever had appreciation, respect and love for dies a long, terrible and painful death.
What did Arabs do to you personally?
We need to intermarry Yemenis and other Arabs. Yemenis come to our land, make new tribes and we go to their land and make new tribes in exchange. We need closer connection as Arabs especially our Yemeni brothers and sisters.
You can go there in our place. Just never come back.

haye, I'm on it. My third hubby will be a Korean, preferably, lee jong suk, and my fourth will be a rich Russian billionare.
I still can’t believe so many Somali girls are into prepubescent looking androgynous indo yars. (Not saying you are seriously it just reminded me).

It’s so hard to believe, traumatizing really.
Then why limit yourself to 4 husbands :what1:

Might as well just hoe around and get a taste of all the races :sass1:
Who said anything about limits? Four is just the start. The plan is to go with the flow and change husbands like I change TV channels.