Somalis should claiming to be other nationality

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I know the civilwar damaged our dating game. Everytime u tell a girl u are Somali, she leaves through the backdoor:mjlol: its like people look at somali as garbage like gypsie or indian kkk
But we must never claim other nationality!

Before the war, a girl would find Somali exotic. " oh u are somali, tell me about where u come from. Must be warm place. Tell me about ur culture?! Iam so fucking wet and interested to know".

But now its: oh u are somali.....:susp:

*Topic: Somalis should stop claiming other nationalities
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Depends on your location. Only in regions with many Somalis like Minnesota, England, Sweden do Somalis have a well-known bad image. Everywhere else in the West, Somalis are largely unknown.
Literally has Somali in the name, you can't escape the image with that.

Djiboutian, however..
That's why I have been campaigning for somaliland to change their name. A lot of Somalis claim Djibouti. Just ask name them to name a city in Djibouti other than the capital and they wouldnt know :lolbron:


With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
Where i live Somalis are unknown and exotic. so im good:trumpsmirk: However we need review our PR status and come up with ways to increase likeability, one example is setting up a news channel targeting foreigners like Al jazzera and Russia Today does. we should aim to be untouchable like the jews.

I tell them I'm FROM Somaliland



how do i use this
I couldn't care less what other people think

I remember when the (Fake News) mainstream media blasted Somali pirates, and how they hijacked an American ship
basically the Hollywood Jews and mainstream media gives Somalis in general a bad reputation
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