Somalis on twitter bullied a half Somali girl into deleting her pics

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Its probs because of warsengali sultanate had close ties to yemen and oman.Maakhir was well known throughout Arabian peninsula.Some warsengali probs brought some Yemeni back home and enriched our genes.

Don't know why they bothered tho , arabs...
You brought back belly dancing Arab men? :leon: You learn something new everyday.
I don't know whether to be flattered or scared shitless :damn:

You should do an intro thread :farmajoyaab:
How has your life been sxb, know that your a true somali patriot what do you think about somaliland and their evil agenda to separate from somalia:icon e biggrin:.
I hope you're against it otherwise it would be a bummer:lolbron:


With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
That happens to me too. I usually just tell them, anyone who wasn't habesha would have been enslaved back in the day. Then I get flack from my Ethiopians because they think they are also "black".

You know what's scary is the AUs main goal is to assimilate the continent and have one government.

Join me in the revolution when the time is right?
i swear why didn't the rift valley rip of Africa the moment Somalis reached it, You Ethiopians would be facing this alone and we would be chilling. I can't believe you tell them they were Slaves. i hope you're defending your Somali neighbors as well from them:chrisfreshhah:
The AU should be a puppet for the HOA to gain Bantu resources, just saying. But in the reality, this is a losing battle sooner or later the HOA will be gone. We should start a Benelux HOA+Sudan+Egypt and keep the AU far away but in slap distance tho.
If your revolution means the HOA will turn Bantus into vessels im in :hillarybiz:
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