Somalis identity STRONG


I may identify as a Somali ethnically, but I am what my passport says.

That's important , we are nomads hopping from place to place, I would never call myself an exile , we are all estranged from our motherland hence the umbilical cord was long cut off , we are therefore living in parallel worlds , Somali identity should be only considered by roots of origin

We have no home to return
Geeljire sal malahan they should carry on and integrate wherever they are
True but it does help that Somalis were unified under one language while other African countries spoke dozens of different languages, so the colonial languages unified them.


A pious muslima.
The same can’t be said for Djibouti unfortunately :francis:
I disagree.
Djibouti is principally a mix of Somali Issa tribe and Afar so to understand each other, they need to both learn afar and or Somali.....but Issa are prideful people.... so they refused to learn afar.
Arabic and French language became important to communicate with each other ... so officially Somali and afar are the main language spoken but everyone then Arabic and french.

Djiboutians don’t have french names, they have typical Somali names or Arabic names like in Somalia so don’t get why people think Djiboutians are so liberal when they aren’t in majority.


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