Somalis don’t have low IQ....come do this quick test .... please


Hiatus✅ 1/18/21- ?
Online IQ's aren't a true measure of someone's intelligence but they're fun to do. If you really believe somalis have 68 IQ, I feel sorry for you.


15 yr old yet indulging in politics?
:mybusiness:It gives me more knowledge.

Anyways I despise what other Somalis do for attention.

One kid brang a BB gun to school.

They think about their popularity in school and not about their future that what disgusts me.

Seeing myself to gain a good paying job inshallah and seeing them trying to claim me.:ohhhdamn:

That's how you know these niggas are fake and leech of your hard work.

I got bored of PS4 anyways I got other things to do.


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