Somalis catching blame for black American mans crime


what a beautiful day
Don’t pay any attention to these individuals, I doubt they care about the well being of the child, just their politics. Live ur life and only worry about ur actions and how u could make this world a better place :)
This is good. Just shows how stupid and racist they are. They look desperate honestly. Besides so long as white birth rates continue to dwindle sit co.frotably knowing this is their last horah! And they want to drag anyone they can with them.

Mexicans and Hispanics will be the majority in 2050.

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There just fearing the unavoidable browning of America, latinos will be the majority in less than 20 years, trump was just the babyboomers last punch before the knockout :mjlol: these boomers children are not reproducing and going gay/ feminists cat women/ incels/ mgtow, and the ones having sex are all doing hookups:russ: Latino Americans are outbreeding them let alone those trying to come through the border


Take the Poo to the loo


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