Somalis are BLACK

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Sultana of Samaroon
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You don't have to identify as black and you shouldn't if you don't see yourself as such.

Culture is wayyyy more powerful than color of skin....and somalien culture is arab you phuckers are basically arabs.

Which is neither hear nor there since what you are in life and the connections you make are dependent on you as an individual.
You've been on Somali forums long enough. You can no longer claim ignorance on this topic. You of all people should know by now that Somali is our culture. We speak Somali, not Arabic. And we are not of Southern Arabian descent nor do we share any paternal genetic ties. If being Muslim makes us culturally Arab, where would you place Muslims from Turkey and Bosnia? They espouse a shared belief but are not Arab. They do not look it either. Perhaps, you being from the Islands and quite colour struck find Arabs attractive. As someone that has lived in the Middle East, they are the makers of bleach and the largest abusers of rhinoplasty. Nothing to write home about. You are better off with the cadaan women, which your people often favour (mostly madow men).
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He means why don`t AA`s focus on bettering themselves rather then begging other communities
I'm not AA but I suppose you all are experts in begging since youre from one of the most beggingest communities yourselves and so everything looks like begging to you. Ok then.
I'm not gonna call myself a shade because white people coined that term for us, it's like calling myself a ****** or jiggaboo. Hell no! I'm sorry, I love being African but no way in hell am I calling myself black. Do Asians call themselves yellow? Or Indians red? No, it's because they remember their roots and so do we.

It's not because inferiority, cause trust me I love being Subsaharan African.

The moment you call yourself black, is the moment you let caadan people define your outlook of the world. Never forget your roots, the term black really dissociates you from where you're originally from
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