Somalilander gets angry after Bashir Somaliland being a region of Somalia comment

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There is no reason to recognize Sland, it doesn't have a abundance of oil. The last thing the
world wants is another Somalia (a begging bowl) so one begging bowl is enough trouble
as it is for the international community.
Interesting , will they ever rejoin ( politicially?)
There is different levels of craziness.

1. Those who believe Somaliland is a country (extreme craziness)

2. Those who believe Somaliland will get recognized (mild craziness)

Sane Landers
3. Those who know Somaliland will never get recognized

You're forgetting one:

0: @waraabe and co. who believes Somalilanders are a diffrent race than other Somalis and an independent country already (Insanity level: maximum)
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