Somalilander’s hypocrisy shows

What is the scientific explanation to the disproportionate number of ***** ass niggas that come put of that place?

Legit, I don't understand their obsession. Somalis have a straight forward message and that's unity. Can you disagree? Fine. Can you deem it invasive? Sure. Why are lenders such colossal begs? Always slimy and sulking around, getting up Somalis' noses while claiming they're different. Niggas be going too hard for a dry patch of land. Always flapping their lips going on about Mogadishu as if Hargeisa ain't a shithole too. It ain't Taipei
These Slanders are very insecure they try to convince ajnabis that Somaliland is the only safe place in Somalia when there are many other places that are safe that are not like Mogadishu
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What hypocrisy? He said I want to go to Somalia and they said go to Somaliland instead , unless youre brain dead they clearly are separating the two and not lumping Somaliland in with Somalia as you think they are lol


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if this guy goes xamar theres a high percentage that some HG yute will bunn him.


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You lot don’t care about the mans safety :comeon:

He said I want to go to Somalia and all they said was go to Somaliland instead


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Quite Honestly, I'm ashamed as a lander....:farmajoyaab:These kids have to stop doing these things like its embarrassing
I bet all of you secret fantasy is to have been an isaac and your resentments steam deep
down from the impossibility of this fantasy, hey but their is way out we can be friends:cool:

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puntland is somalia. Somaliland is only Somalia on paper which means little as SL operates as an independent country. Did you see Muuse Biixi at the Mogadishu clown show meeting of federal state heads+Failmaajo?

Lol, at the end of the day they all shithole countries including Djibouti


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