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Somaliland Was Built Wrong

Somaliland was built wrong and that's why you need external enemies. It's like south sudan who was built on a common and shared enemy, north sudan but the problem with a common shared enemy regardless if it's local or global, once his gone what the hell is gonna keep you operating? We saw south sudan break down as there was no agreement between themselves and as you can see somaliland will break down also as there is no agreement between themselves. So you need to keep focussing on mogadishu, puntland, ssc and all this nonsense but once those things dry up SAY HELLO SOUTH SUDAN as you are built on the same TRIBAL structure plus have no shared agreement among yourselves once the COMMON ENEMY IS GONE.

Puntland won't tolerate you creep up on us with your 2 town a year x 20 year policy and then when you capture 2 towns argue it's only two towns guys CALM down, it's not the end of the world and PL responds and sees it's only two towns and is like 'ahhhhh it's not worth it' but your encroachment strategy is over 20 years as you been doing that same thing for now 20 years and look at how far they have come. They may also use ELDERS to sway Puntland down or geopolitics.

Puntland has had bad leadership but Morgan is coming for your ass now. Unfortunately he is qatar based which will be unusual for him to win the land as it could comprise on many projects run by the UAE who may pull out. But he will at the very least influence puntland politician they better sort that northern threat now before it's to late. We will not have PL sandwiched on two corners, one in garowe and one in galkayo and have both the GM/SL camps united and conducting coordinated attacks on a divided PL thru garowe and galkayo. Issa maxamud fighting ISAAQ/SSC on one side and the Omar mahmud by themselves against GM.

We know that is where it's heading cause one of your leaders in those days will see that HOLE in PL and use it. Before that happens Morgan will end it now. Restore the PL border to Burco and bring SSC ass back to garowe because they can be used for peaceful or destructive purposes as seen through-out history.
Somaliland has nothing to worry about with Puntland but Puntland has a lot to worry about Somaliland with SSC and the Isaaq historic relations with Galmudug. I mean aideed even named one of you guys as his prime minister, this was the guy who destroyed our nation. We will not allow and shouldn't allow you to ever and I MEAN ever control SSC.

Why are you so worried about Puntland? Puntland isn't interested in Hargeisa, things won't change for us even if we attack that land? and it has no history of ever going towards those areas and is a very peaceful state and all somalis know we NEVER make the first move or try to encroach. We know the gun won't last long as we learned from Keenadiid history.

We will continue to influence you guys through politics by owning your minds we enjoyed peaceful co-existence since the 60s and 69 until Siyad came along.
Guys somaliland stuffed up when it formed and said lets unite and get our independence back because that unites you on COMMON SHARED ENEMY. your not united on agreements under yourselves but that SHARED ENEMY brought you together. It's terrible and you see the effects how you break down into civil war in the past, ssc problems, and now isaaq problems again and we havent even yet stepped from the scene imagine we DO as somalia? wat a fuckin disaster. Its south sudan all over again and probably worse. Eritrea has the same issue and same tribal structure and unites on common shared enemy in ethiopia but at least they play stalemate shit to act like its a war to keep its ppl not uprising and seeing a common enemy but it wont last forever lol. Eritrea is not gonna be good place in the future if ethio boys step away.

Puntland all credits to one thing it united to BRING SOMALIS TOGETHER UNDER FEDERAL ARRANGMENT. I can see them collapse if somalis collapse as they look back inside because they united on a pretty good policy. If somalis unite they do well anyways and if they dont IT WONT BE GOOD unless their actively pursuing somali unity. Their stability depends on somalia because once that is gone they will eat each other again.

Puntland deflection strategy is on SOMALI FEDERALISM and bringing back a national structure as long as that is there, their ok.
If federalism isn't achieved in Somalia it could lead to a Puntland that looks internally and fight itself and therefore paramount that SOMALIA fixes itself where-as Somaliland is paramount it gets indepedence but even they get it they lose that shared common enemy Somalia and enter south sudan scenario who did identical things uniting on shared common enemy plus somaliland is far more tribal then south sudan.

Puntland can only have a war if there is a candidate wishing to take us to mogadishu under centralism and federalism candidate wishing to maintain the arrangement. Like jamac ali jamac dude who wanted us under mogadishu and possibly morgan. But by the time it gets there our elders will get involved and cool it down and their pretty FEDERAL anyways so it's always back to the federal guy lol as the mog guys runs back losing all his money and bodies. Elders built us on federalism dude they will always look back at the founding principle of the state and say go away you mog run loser as happened always and WILL HAPPEN.
I love Morgan but his backed by the wrong guy, mogadishu that will send alarm bells in PL and he know they will always want someone who aligns to their centralism crap and making mogadishu great again and killing the regions. A CENTRAL GUY HASN'T WON PUNTLAND EVER. their has been lots of blood and money spent on them. Morgan should've of gone to DUBAI or Ethiopia and come back as a strong federal candidate and blast hawiye and carefully watch his tone with somaliland as they have the same backer. Hawiye is the real threat to somaliland as they dont share the same foreign backer and its all gloves off there.
Puntland is also has dangerous foreign policy. UAE aint a good partner, stooges building their wealth, palaces, mansions? vs qatar based on BELIEF of brotherhood? YOU KNOW WHO IS LASTING HERE. once the dubai boys drop and taken over by brotherhood and the entire gulf, forget it. We fall and are now gonna be like sitting ducks with qatar supplying its belief boy in hamar as he begins conquest over the remaining parts of somalia while we have no serious partner.

So it aint good logical choice DUBAI or the gulf in general but they will last maybe 50-100 years unless they do something stupid locally and I mean having western back up but once these boys fall and the west pulls out like it did with the shah because their arrangement is on mutual interest and once the interest is gone, their no reason for west to stick around. That effect will be felt where-ever these proxy coordinator had rings of people which includes PL/SL.

So we safe for now unless something drastic happens but once that place goes MB, we screwed as we will be given a far LESSER deal as we werent as loyal to them like MOG and MOG has the capital which is another leverage. It's like how ussr chose ethiopia over somalia cause only difference between the two was population and same thing will happen when we all sit under qatar wing they will say mog is more important then u, its the capital now OBEY.

I suspect that's why their seeking non Qatar friends in the regions as it provides a counter balance to qatar run hawiye vs UAE run regions. It's just UAE is built on tyrant behaviors that worries me like building its gold, palace, ferraris and that shit wont last where-as qatar is based on belief caliphate. Belief dont change even if interests change.
So what do we do? stick with UAE and gulf alliance and run the we do trade there and u fund our piracy boys? which is short-term or look at the foundation that guy is built on BUILDING WEALTH for his families and look at the foundation of the brotherhood since 1920s TILL NOW BASED ON BELIEF?

The second the west drops these stooges like they did with the shah, u drop also never forget that. The brotherhood is here to stay, deal with it now how do we maintain MJ on top of somalia with brotherhood backing is the ideal situation. U know they say you can kill a man but not the idea right? that idea aint going anyway, it may have bumps here and there and slow downs but someone will come along pick it up again. He left a devastating idealogy the founder of the brotherhood.

Its terrible also u got the saudis funding wahabi strain of islam so their already infecting minds but their doing so they report to saudi and love saudi but it wont work out like that as MB doesnt care for flavor of islam just the state parts of islam and world domination. So you kinda helping them by seeding islam in the minds of people and now one of those guys who is angry with the world will read history books about islam and glory days and come along and read the founder of brotherhood and BANG he is gonna do what he says as he has the seeds planted by wahabism and all that islam and now sees an awesome way to see islam thru.

Only difference will be will he grab a gun and violence or will he see political way is better and that depends on the person and his character and mindset.
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You cant explain why islam had a golden age and then rough ottoman age of raiding and jihad and then trading age(which is just as bad u want something then teach ur village islam). Kinda like what the world does in term of trade now and economic jihad. lol. It would've been hard for muslims to cross so many territories thru land is different rulers and people who weren't islam, when a simple boat was far safer and the technology was available to them.

But islam has had ups and down which clearly proves islam depends on the situation at the time of the people and whoever is in charge, its not static.
We have to be honest as Somalia. We aint the west, they have the alliances, money, weapons and political image all around the world. The only reason these guys can collapse is hatred sown among themselves, we must play a must more shrewd game to get out of where we are. We dont have the tools available they have, but we can people have come from nothing in the past while the big boys were sleeping or infighting. We cant depend on what the rest do is pray the west or america even within itself has infighting or agendas or hatred or conflict of interests or biases that wont last for long u will have someone like trump stepping up one day and it's game over back to basics.
The game in the world from non west is let the west fight among itselves or set up divisions among each western nation within itself and PRAY IT WORKS. Or the other do what the west did and set up alliances(proxies) and take it head on(strategically targetting areas important to the west like oilfields). Some are even weaker form like korea i have a nuke therefore leave me alone to do what I want when he is surrounded by a very large franchise that is 10 million GDP worth and the friend he does have will throw him out if he gets hurt also. U cant build friends on interests u just cant, it must be belief, interest is just to SURVIVE till u get to your REAL GOAL.
If we had stabilized somalia it would be on. One on shared values not individual values. Then secure that with a gun or beheading anyone that breaches it. Then we can send ambassador to each country and steal the best parts of each country that we need. The west is brilliant for one thing motivation and self help stuff i wud bring them in for that for the ppl. The others may be better at education like jews bring university teachers from there. I would combine everything that is best about poor and rich countries and bring it to give us full result.

Poorer countries I would use those as belief change countries while saying target where we can control lifelines if it's privatized. I want them as added pool of alliances on belief. While mutual interest guys, i wud steal each benefit from their country and combine. Then Keep planning further how to increase it thru studying history and techniques. Cafis ma jiro sxb when u surviving u need to steal bro not play by the rules.

I am quite certain if we do it properly with time added and the other world busy with no end in sight waste and nothing achieved the balances will shift like happened to byzantium and arabs. Imagine our pool of belief guys grew to billions loooooool as we start one by one nation that are devastated and nothing to lose. Then we stole all the best of developed world combining it together while their focused on losses constantly or not growing their techniques. But we cant see past ourselves if we did things would be alot better for us, we are stuck at ourselves its not even foreign guys responsible for that, they already see the divisions and then use that to work their agenda into it.
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I wont lie to you guys somaliyay. Run ma rabtin? I want a huge rope of nations that holds them together thru belief while we have respect for our internal systems as long as we see those core shared values permitting thru it how it's presented or done is not any of concerns then we all sign onto neutral bloc(we watch the other alliances fight or waste and see their rope breaking down) but then we also sign among ourselves to not disturb the MB(so mb has another rope of alliance) but we fooling his ass we want him going head on against the west with his other allies and they all cope losses while we are only coping wins and wins on our rope, they will drop likes flies among themselves as we remain last power standing.

Then its about managing that we dont in-fight which needs more planning and seeing the scenarios. Because once their no more ropes left in the world that is danger we might be starting to break down and see all these potential new allies and pools of resources and men and it becomes every man for himself and the cycle recontinues and that aint good.

The only thing we need to push for that is in all our interest as the world no nukes cause we all die eventually, so we must be huge pushers of non nuclear profileration and its not even an advantage if it was that is different story. We cant allow the world all dies cause noone is coming back. America fires nuke, russia responds, china, blah blah and its all over as all their friends join sides.


The last step will be Buuhoodle, we will either capture that city or leave it isolated between Ethiopia and Somaliland border. To go anywhere they have to go through our checkpoints :banderas: