Somaliland region diaspora teach their children as young as 6 clan abtirsi

How many of you were taught your abtirsi at 6 years old?

My parents shielded me from it till I was 17. I knew my mum was cidegalle but, my dad had me thinking that isaxaaq arreh were a stand alone clan. I went hargeisa by myself and I used to argue with odays in the cafe that isaxaaq were separate from habr yonis. :dabcasar:
No. Teaching someone their lineage doesn't make them hate other clans. If the parents teach her to hate certain clans then she will be likely to hate those certain clans.

The negative effects of one knowing their clan outweighs the benefits.

There's 0 chance of them hating anyone if they don't even know who to rep to begin with. There would be no more teams and patriotism would be triumphant

And how did qabiil destroy our country?

Nigga what?


We're done here


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Teaching kids fairy tales.



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Im a grown man and don't know past my great grandfather lol. Terrible parenting

Same here.

I feel like my parents looked down on qabilism as an illness and didnt teach it.

They referred to qabiil members are 'relatives'


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