Somaliland ejected from east Sanaag. Could this be the biggest military blunder in Somali history?


Somaliland has been trying to expand into east Sanaag for the last few months. They set up camp outside of Yubbe back in March but did not get the welcome that they became used to receiving after spending so much time in Sool.

In a dramatic escalation, a little over a week ago, Isaaq and Dhulbahante Somaliland troops attempted to assassinate Puntland's Minister of Education (Warsangeli) during his visit to inspect the national examinations outside Ceerigaabo. Their attempt failed and they were successfully repelled, losing 12 soldiers compared to 3 on the Puntland side.

The incursion and attack by foreign clans on Warsangeli land against Warsangelis led to widespread outrage and condemnation. Somaliland responded to that outrage by ordering their Warsangeli soldiers to sack their own cities for them to capture. Jeegaanta were planning to do a full offensive on east Sanaag but they made one massive miscalculation: Warsangeli are not Dhulbahante.

Here's what happened instead:
This is all just from today. There are Somaliland bases in Yubbe, Dhahar and Hadaaftimo that will probably be looted next.

In the space of just a few hours, Somaliland has lost their foothold in east Sanaag, handing it over to Puntland without them lifting even a finger. Has there been a bigger military blunder in Somali history?
crow walahi there is no somaliland base is dhahar. i spend most of ramadan there.


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@BenInHer you've redeemed yourself :wow:

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You have to admire the Jegaanta- consistency.

For years - they had a plan.
Capture sool first - because its the hardest politically and military. Then move on to sanaag.

You keep hearing all the time - border ka hala gaaro.

Do you want test a man- test him with money!.

Then see if he will excute your plan - meaning is he willingly to kill his own family.
Warsangeli will not kill his own family for money.

Xaabsade the men who captured lascanood for Somaliland - he took the money and shot his family at the back.
Once they used him like a condom - they threw him out.

They have played divide and conquer game since Abdulahi Yusuf left to Mogadishu.

Puntland can get back all its territory if they set a plan to improve Puntland's economy.

Gaajo waa cudur
No they can't unless they get back the millions they lost to former leaders plus xamar