Somaliland army enters Eastern Sanaag

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It won’t be long considering the people who live there :mjhaps:

New president means new town or city to lose. The tradition shall continue :mjkkk:
Biixi ain't wasting time expanding east.:drakelaugh:

You guys need to give dhulos the presidency and u can have half if puntland in no time.
I swear some of you negros ain't never been to East Sanaag, posting videos like these with no proof. Badhan never allowed SL delegates to enter the town what you see is a tuulo in the outskirts.

Bernie Madoff

Afhayeenka SL
That's smart. Isaaq need to be smarter and be more inclusive. They wont lost power by having a dhulo president but they can gain a lot from it.
Eydoors are very pc so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a dhulo president in the near future. It’s a very smart like you said
Where's the army? Did I miss something?
All I see is the same truck going back and forth.. :ftw9nwa:
Are you another paid cheerleader or what? Enter garowe kulaha.. Keep dreaming my nigga :ftw9nwa:


Only a picture of Morgan is enough to scare these niggaz.. We don't even need to waste any bullets :damedamn:



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May Allah swt bless General Morgan. He's chilling in Garowe now, I hope Deni gives him the green light to spray the cockroaches.
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