Somalians back at it again with the embarrassment

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This reer xamar guy attempts to acknowledge his arab ancestors and the insecure secretly arab-wannabe Somalians in the comments go crazy. Why is it that you guys deny bantus but claim reer xamars and Banadires? Is it because the reer xamars/barnadires are Arab, you arab bootylickers? Beggars. You would sell your mothers to claim Arab. And you wonder why the Somali youth is embarrassed by the name Somali.

The comments were so chaotic, the man was forced to make another video explaining himself.. How pathetic can you people get? Beggars.



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This is the same qaxbad who attacks her own people and everything Somali related and cries about muh forum reputation...
so u claim to b ashamed to be somali but go out of your way to find somali videos or arab related videos which u claim embarrasses you? Who forced u to watch it in the first place, if it embarrasses u dont look for. Simple
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Those people (benadiris) have Somali blood as well, but the same cannot be said about bantus. So, these Somalis in the comment section are begs, but couldn't the same be said about you when it comes to how you love to tarnish your own people with words such as "Zoomali" just to feel accepted by our fellow Africans/blacks? d:
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