Somalian City Area Size And Population

Addis Ababa is 527 sq kilometer. While Dire Dawa is 1,213 km²

Addis Population is 3 Million
Dire Dawa Population is 340k

Obviously we know that Addis is way bigger in population to Dire Dawa. I can vouch for this as I been to both cities. But what this shows me is 'area size' of a city cannot be used for population estimation at all and should be disregarded all together or else you will need to argue Dire is bigger then Addis because it sits on larger land.
So we need to get rid of this ancient sciences and estimations and bring forth something more accurate to gouge Somali population. Area size of a city simply isn't going to cut it at all. What you say @Shaolin23

I looked at Addis on google-earth and it looks tiny in comparison to Dire Dawa bu when I went there, IT WAS VASTLY different, DIRE WAS DEAD, u will see 1 or 2 people walking, Addis everywhere u go there is like thousands of people.
I heard Bosaso has the characteristic of Addis, Smaller land area but more people everywhere u go. Total jam packed. Where-as Hargeisa I heard is the characteristic of Dire Dawa, Larger space but not much people outside. Maybe @Shaolin23 a neutral clan can weigh in on this. But I honestly think Bosaso is second largest city now from the reports I heard from my father. Meel la istago ma jiro buu yiri, it's full of people.

Hamar will be the largest city. So there is no dispute there(not as large they claim tho). But in relative terms to other Somali cities, yes it is larger but not 4-5 times larger. Probably Twice Larger. Two Bosaso could fill Hamar up.
I know Qardho-Garowe are not big though(my homes) cuz the crime rate is far to low(everyone knows each other). However the larger a city gets, the easier for crime to exist as anyone can live in there. Bosaso and Galkayo have this characteristic of 'large' city syndrome, where-as no city in Isaaq area has this symptom which is identical to dire dawa, where crime is low also.

A smaller population indicates smaller crime rates. Most country towns all over the world have less crime also. So I think Bosaso or Galkacyo should be given the second largest city. Plus Garowe and Qardho are far cleaner, more organized, more stable, one direction according to my father. He said Bosaso and Galkayo is nothing like this, there is no sense of community cuz it has become too big in numbers.
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Bosaso Lacks a vision, the people are not there to help the city. They are there to use it as port to dock things down and they go back to their 'district' and invest there. So you got no sense of community, it's like transit place bosaso, it has no long-term vision of becoming a city. In time u will see Qardho-Garowe overtake it. People have properties in Bosaso mainly cause they need somewhere to live for business. The business however is 'trans-somalia and puntland' not BOSASO CENTRIC. Their basically losing out loooooooool.

That's why I hate a city based on trade, your building someone else not yourself look at djibouti a total shit hole and it's trading hub. You need something local about your area like FACTORIES, that's building yourself and your city. Look at Garowe it has a niche market, totally government, it has an industry. It's not seeking to be a business trading hub, it's seeking to create public sector jobs once the industries in puntland increase it will require more regulations and more government interference.

Qardho/Burtinle however hasn't defined itself. What is your role in the state? What makes your city unique to others, what does your people contribute? these are not answered yet. Bosaso at least said listen im too dumb to do anything for myself but I'll let u use my port to BUILD YOURSELF. It's pathetic CHARACTER of a city but at least it has defined itself. You can see that character in Bosaso even till today.
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They say Qardho is the educational capital of Puntland and Traditional Capital of Puntland culture. Why aren't they focusing on creating industries about culture/arts/history/and education institutions? Be the hub of where the best education facilities in Puntland is. You need to define a character for your town before you can even begin a plan to execute on how to transform that town into the character you want to be.

Fuck knows what burtinle good for and what the fuck is qandala character @Reer-Bari oh TERRORISM I forgot nice little fuckin industry stupid cunts. Coastal areas at least put their hands up and said we are fishing towns and that's our character, they defined their character. Now we need to just address infrastructure needs especially roads. They got better chance of reaching a goal then any mid-sized town in Puntland.

What is the difference in your city and it's character and industries compared to when I go to fkn cadaado? you see that's what need to be doing. Not just copying each other. Find what is unique about your area be it's people capacity, environment, history, etc.
Go to google earth and measure it yourself sxb. It's even smaller than Jabuuti and you're talking about 1 213 sq km.
We are talking Squares, not Circles. Two Lines need to be taken. One has to be length and another width and then u multiply the two figures to know the sq kilometer. Length and Width will tell u area. It's common sense bro. If you want to know a given area, u need to know the length and width or what the hell is going to tell u how much space is in there.
I think your mixing up 'kilometer' is distance, Sq Kilometer is length/width of a square. U need to put the city in dimension of a box and multiply. I measured my own city on google earth and it's not giving the right figure. Google earth gives only 'length' you can't work out an area of a square with only one LINE. It's basic math bro. U not supposed to use that tool. U should know this from elementary school.
I think your mixing up 'kilometer' is distance, Sq Kilometer is length/width of a square. U need to put the city in dimension of a box and multiply. I measured my own city on google earth and it's not giving the right figure. Google earth gives only 'length' you can't work out an area of a square with only one LINE. It's basic math bro. U not supposed to use that tool. U should know this from elementary school.
Go measure the length and the width then come back:lolbron:
According to this guy Dir Dhaba is one of the largest cities in Africa:pachah1:
It is big dire dawa. It's similar to our capital city in Australia. It's large area but it takes 20 minutes to go from one end of town to another. Read about Canberra. I took a tuktuk around the town. Distance wise it was longer then addis.

Australia’s capital is a planned city – meaning every bit of manicured garden, waterfront dining and shopping centre was planned to give residents the best possible lifestyle. The city prides itself on being the ’20 minute city’ and that no matter where you are, you can be at work, lunch or the museum within 20 minutes

Canberra is 814 SQ kilometers. I am not saying 840 kilometers. That's like Going from New york to Washington. Maybe u don't get SQ kilometer.
1000 Sq Kilometer city u can cover in 30 minutes. If you can do canberra in 20 minutes. It's 800 SQ kilometer. U probably don't understand Square kilometer isn't Kilometer distance. Canberra for example in kilometer distance wud be 20-25 kilometer length and probably 10-15 wide.

Population in Puntland is very high, noone enters somaliland at the sort of levels they enter puntland especially for it's port and galkacyo the center corridor. The population booms in these peak seasons in PL, ppl are running all around the place and that explains why my father said meel la istago ma arkaysid Bosaso. But is that a 'settled' population, that is another argument all together.

That's why I argue Puntland after mogadishu is largest population centers in Somalia. You got basically all the south, north, and east converging at the same time. It's just BLOODY FULL and u know it deep down. It's a busy place puntland in comparison to Somaliland.
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My point is 'area size' Doesn't say much about population. Canberra is very large area size in comparison to it's population. Similar to Dire Dawa it's large area space in comparison to the people that live there. Besides I did measure Dire Dawa. I used time to calculate distance and can precisely work out what sort of area your dealing with by how much time it took you to cover.

For example covering a block in a city and if you time it compared to covering a city as a whole with time you will see time difference. You can estimate based on how much time it takes to cover a certain distance. This high school math, I am not going into it. But I am estimating. Estimating tells me Dire Dawa felt exactly like Canberra. Very large area of space and no people.

It's like arguing Australia 'massive area of land' is bigger then 'China' a small area of land. Area of land makes no sense to include into city population. Maybe Rural nomadic population it could work. Make sense Leelkase has small grazing land compared to Majerten. Population difference can explain that and land area can be used. If u have animals who rely on land, it's wise to have large land that make sense to use 'baxaad' in nomadic count not city counts tho.
You can argue smaller the 'grazing land' of a nomad the less his livestock and if his livestock is less you can argue his population is the reason. That makes sense. No sense a large nomadic population would live in a small enclosed area, they would not be able to feed their animals especially with those limited 'trees'.
I'm still curious if you got 1 213 sq km when you measured Dir Dhaba.
I haven't gone into it because a football field is 10 SQ kilometer(the pitch). So that gives u an idea of how many football fields would fit into the city. For example saying Mogadishu is 75 SQ Km is saying the whole area of the city is contained in 7 football fields. If we build 7 football fields, is this going to bigger then mogadishu?

That's better form of math that is more accurate then using google earth. Once you know the measurement of something(without dispute) u compare it against what your looking at and see if it's even 'macquul'. Football field wouldn't even represent having 20 homes in a 'xafad' in most cities in Somalia multiply by 7 fields. Your talking 140 Homes can possibly live in such confinements.

But it's not google earth, they never claimed their measurements are accurate and it's more 'fun tool'. I Doubt anyone in universities use such thing. Measure a football field in google earth and if it doesn't give you 10 square meters, you know it's full of shit bro.
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