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Somalia Signed Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty


Midowga Yurub ayaa daqiiqado ka hor shaaciyay, in dowladda Soomaaliya ay si rasmiya u saxiixday Xeer-Anshaxeedka loo yaqaan the Hague Code of Conduct, oo mamnuucaya faafidda gantaalaha Balaastikada ee Xambaara Hubka wax gumaada (weapons of mass destruction).

Soomaaliya ayaa noqotay dowladdii 143-aad ee saxiixday Xeer-Anshaxeedkaas, oo magaalada the Hague ee waddanka Netherlands lagu aas’ aasay 25-kii November ee sannadkii 2002, si loo xakameeyo faafidda gantaalaha Balaastikada ee Xambaara Hubka wax gumaada.

Midowga Yurub, ayaa soo dhoweeyay in Soomaaliya ku biirtay dalalka saxiixay xeer-Anshaxeedka the Hague Code of Conduct, waxaana uu dalalka harsan ugu baaqay in ay saxiixan Xeerkaasi, gaar ahaanna dowladaha haysta gantaalaha Ballistic Missiles-ka.

Sidoo kale, Midowga Yurub, wuxuu sheegay in ay si buuxda u taageersan yihiin the Hague Code of Conduct ,islamarkaana dhammmaan dalalka Xubnaha ka ah Midowgaasi Yurub ay saxiixeen Xeerka.

Terrible and what did u get for it? at least some 'national credibility confidence' you never tell the people what Somalia gets out of what you sign as that's why they don't see us as 'sovereign' and people revert back to the past.
I study deeply 'silk road' between asia-europe and the nations who lined up on it. They die if that 'route' changes based on how they look now unless they developed a 'good arsenal source of growth' from the opportunity. That's a miracle of 'god' sort of 'hope' for places like that and visionary leaders would've developed a-lot from it and ensured it was passed on. But what I study the most is what can happen if 'red sea' shuts down, I am not worried about it's held for 5000 years so their must be reason. UK one will close down once world powers change in 'EU' and if we support China/Russia which can ensure more 'trade' down our side, we can raise our 'priority' profile nigga and seek proper opportunities. U ain't getting shit from UK sxb read the commonwealthh, read irish her neighbors, your insane wallahi if u miss opportunities when your not 'source idea factory' nation
China/Russia belt to road initiative may be more positive for geopoltiically for Somalia strategic location wise. The reason the silk road was important all trade went thru it, not 'parts' even tho the 'parts' that go thru the red sea is 'critical' to base economy nothing else operates. The more 'critical' trade part economy we can get using that channel the stronger our geopolitical profile as PL is the 'entry/exit'. But China uses direct sea lane with America across it's 'allies' and may negiotate it away for red sea route. This isn't long term vision of relying on geopolitics like your ancestors, you need internal economy as back up, you want 'both' as lifelines not just one and Somalis 'outward' look is 'developed' it's inward look is 'weak' the whole continent is 'weak'. Nothing done by themselves for themselves. Thats why u slip into eras of darkness as you kept looking out not developing inner economy while waiting for boom periods

When I saw Somalis looking more outside on trade, oil, friendships, politics they follow their old style politics which means opportunity for visionaries because they see that has failed to hold long periods of time look at silk road nations today. Hence opportunity is INTERNAL for Somali as huge GROWTH as it's untapped
Their is many in-land nations that survive quite fine without any real trade significance, energy significance, and hold out, u need to go to those nations to see how they design their internal economy koley ma haysto strategic location or resources, so u develop your knowledge on internal 'sufficiency' cause he had to 'master' it as he had nothing of worth location or trade or security significance. That's all I do add to your nations ideas and how it can source the 'answers' as the answer may be complex but at least it's a pretty confident start, half the problem is the direction in workplaces, school, homes, anywhere

Somalis dot around areas based on the past not based on their own 'priorities

1. Internal economy help. So u identify strong return nations with strong internal economes but no strategic location, or resources. This ensures u learn the art form of self sufficient internal economy cause he can't rely on 'location card' or 'resource card'

2. Singapore is another one u need to learn from in terms of qualities of 'leaders' and how he set up his team, obstacles, etc

3. Location/Trade maximation strategies. U want partners who use your lane-way more. Identify how that can happen by the political issues world powers have and how red sea can play it's role. Right no it's only security cause they don't like to bottleneck their trade like roman and china days kkkkk cuz mongols get RICH OUT OF IT KKKK and we can retire like they did. They got massive 'land' from that and can arise anytime, nice inheritance for 6 million ppl. While china next door is 2 billion or something and even somaliwayn land is larger.
The area Somali don't look is where the enemy looks, so if u look outside, he will look inside, and vice versa by watching your people 'addiction' as it shows u hiding your internal weakness. So streghten the internal and talk more about it if I was you. Cause your nation value goes up based on having right location, natural resources, security priority, trade priorities(in real commodities that are needed by all economies) not just 'goods' unless it's 'bulk' type level travel like China. If we added internal aspect to our economy you boost your priority but u dont see your internal, u ignore it, deflect it, shocked about it like MONGOLS who looked out too, it doesnt last forever


Milf hunter
nigga somalia aint makin no antiballistic missiles so whats the point lmao

the most dangerous thing somalia can launch at countries are waves of tahriibayaal
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PL shouldn't rely on it's location in the red sea, I could care less wat other regions do. But ensure you have 'friendly' policies towards anything on the 'indian' ocean on your side and you need to really partnership with them for your own geopolitical survival like your ancestors went 'south' as the 'gulf of aden' is 'location heaven'. U don't need to sit on something inherited but add to it and diverse it. So Kenya-Mombasa-Tanzania All the way down it's in our interest their economic profile increases as our entry/exit location of red sea means we have activity on both lifelines.

Resources are not everything as you need 'large' land for it for even considering 'production'. PL land is fairly decent size for wells but it's not saudi level shit but he only has one lifeline(oil) but huge histrical one 'religious sphere' due to long-term inheritence. U don't have this you will always be player there not owner and players have different worth.

Minerals-oil are 'already established' in the ground it just 'helps' increase internal start up. Banks are not there in bosaso fueling start ups to do it's bit for traders koley wax kale soo wade that's historical experience. Garowe shud aim for skilled economy not all PL, as u want 'diversification' at all times not copy cat or your doing the same thing and your priority doesnt increase.

Internal economy assistance is your major priority as that is where u never fix and there is many countries to look to for inspiration that have no resources-location-etc and designed a internal economy, that's impressive shit niyahow, taking something from nothing no matter what.

the biggest on that is 'priority' is security one no matter trade, business, money priorities u have. Security is game changer in all of it as it's fondation of it. U need ties to nations that u learn concepts in this area. Maybe not all science but this area 'dump everything u have'
Somalis piece of 'advice' from our 'miyi philosophy'. Islam is 'dhaxal for all mankind' usually those without no personal, national, tribal achievement, jump onboard this project and use allah card to get positions and status as it's in the hearts of people. If he had legacy he wouldn't need to use that which is 'shared' philosophy by millions, he is just player in there and stuck.

Majerten Achievements

1. SYL
2. 2 sultanates
3. Half of Mogadishu success story not on itself but the ppl
4. Bajuni Islands, Kismayo(expansion era) lama joggo manta. Closed chapter
5. World order era hence you need 'priorities for your region and as many in your 'immediate' ring network not 'other' ring networks or else it evens out
6. Federalism
7. Recovering of Somalia
8. Constitution
9. Puntland region
10. All Somali leaders came thru SYL. Keenadid brught abdullahi isse and then he created HG base
11. Egal We gave im life when he gave up in north and returned a hero they call him. Sharmarke
12. More legacies will continue and the 'shared legacy' of islam waa loo siman yahay as majerten thinks as noone can own Islam its not business or govt kkkk or else it's no longer religion.

When 'sheikh sharif' uses Islam legacy for power why not acknowledge Majerten legacy, see? it's political, he is 'wax qaawan' people. This is our philosophy and we can urbanize the words in your politically correct manner or system if you want