Somalia should be allowed to die

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"A demise which sheds no tear accepts not an offer of condolence,
An African burden should be laid to rest, nay rather cremated, ashes thrown, no reverence,
Continuous turmoil, unabated, sanctities violated, human souls, terminated,
A failed 'project', a test, we never existed, the diaspora had no chance, they didn't flourish,
Reactionary impulses, a confused answer to a problem, created premature expectations,
I feel no pain, my heart not perturbed, there was never love, it died estranged from remembrance,
Somalia, post 1991, produced without substance, production, no produce,
I say with no sorrow, nor remorse, nor love, nor regret, nor shame, nor and nor till kingdom come,

African Euthanasia, Cauli.


Won’t happen rest of the world wants a united dysfunctional Somalia so it can remain weak, or enemies would never let us split into governable governments because that goes against their interests


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I'm a fan of lions so long hair of course.

Yeah, nice huh? The thing is they need to live in colder environments, they have thick, dense fur. So you can’t bring them to Hargesia I’m afraid.
The problem is they look scary as f*ck, like they are not a house cat nor a wild cat, just something in between. Your taste for cats, is as bad as your political views.
I hate being associated with Zoomalīa always hope that Ethiopia gobbles it all up.
Swallowed up by ethiopia. Abiy has the oromos about to rebel and you think they are capable of doing that to us. The most likely thing is the oromos will break up ethiopia.
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