Somalia is #3 in Countries With largest Petroleum Reserves

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You saw what happened to libya. You seen what Nigeria is like with despite its oil wealth. You know what we have for leadership. The last thing we need is oil
We actually have more than those two countries combined, we're gonna know that once we start producing oil inshallah, and I hope we don't fall into the resource curse.
Federalism may mean that states will fight for control of provinces that have oil. The fgs will need to make a strong national army, make revenue sharing laws, and resolve issues between states impartially to avoid disunity between states.
The huge oil reserves haven't been proven yet and it's size is begin estimated and tested currently. There were websites from 2015 that stated it's oil reserves (110 billion barrels) with no reference


It's all so tiresome
It'll be useless by the time we get our shit together.

The EU and other developed nations will start to ban non electric cars soon. I think some already set a date for it... 2040?

Anyways cheaper batteries that will be commercialised within 5 years will push the price of oil to below $30.

Let's not rely on a product that would push our currency up and make it harder for us to export other products.
Not sure about Libya but Somalia has definitely more oil than Nigeria and Kuwait combined. I predict somalia deposits lie in between 110 to 400 billion barrels of oil. Somalia could potentially be the largest oil producer in the world.
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