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Somalia Government Is A Corporation

Why don't we list the government on the stock exchange? at least we can make into a fruitful business, nothing in the government is done through laws but through money which means it's a business. No position is earned through skills and qualification because there is no skills and qualifications in the land.

When your own president can purchase his position, this means you can purchase everything in the nation including all it's industries and land. So rather then Somalis wasting their time on becoming a government, which is highly unlikely, at least let's turn it into corporation and we sell everything to the highest bidder and then share it with the 'shareholders'. Somalia has never reached corruption levels like this even when it was dictator which required you had skills and qualifications for all positions in the government and industries.

This is the worst time in Somalia history, They think Siyad barre was corrupt, Siyad barre corruption if measured would've been very low and was only at the 'top level' but he required everyone else in the land to have proper skills and qualification so they knew their job was earned through knowledge not through 'buying'. Imagine where you can buy your medical degree lol, lawyer degree? obviously no company is coming to a place where there is no proper lawyers hahahaahahah.

As Somalis how do u feel your nation is more like a company in the world, where it all takes it is funds to purchase it, I can purchase anything I want in Somalia and then make a killing selling it higher to somewhere else, because u can purchase it cheap in the land cause their so hungry
As Somalis lets do it, lets find funders in west and arab world and sell them something and ask for funds, let's at least make it fruitful corporation. Its not a business, hal nin malaha, all the land waa ibsan kara waa hadi lacag haysato. All we need to do is identify partners in the world who we sell something to and they will fund us to buy the largest share in the parliament. Parliamentka waa shareholderska
Lets be real guys we don't have a government in Somalia. Lets be honest rather then lying and approach this problem the business way. All we need is 'funds' and identifying 'parliament members' a shareholders. We will find companies in the west, india, arab. Me and the Majerten clans-men need to realize this isn't about laws. We must separate puntland see aysan iyagu cayaartani shareholderka galin we have ISIMO who wont allow meeshani WAA BEEC.

Unfortunately puntites knoow the best GDP return isnt the businesses, because xoolaha waa 4 billion weeye of our GDP, the rest is diaspora money lama taban karo. Waxaa haray HAWIYE IYO WIXI LAGU SAMAYN LAHA LIKE MAID PROGRAMS CHEAP AH, Plus hospitals is good business for reasons only puntite knows. We cant take their minerals they will see it. Wax yaabo aysan arkaynin oo lacag fican aduunka ku fadhiyo ayaa la raba.

Puntite and Gen asad at least acknowledge this is a reality, some somalis weli waxay ku jiran heeso somali toosoo, halka anagu we seeking funders to win the somalia parliament
The local businesses are in 'black market' the peasants only have 1 dollar, so they won't grow much beyond survival sister ama daily means. The bakaro has hormuud which is shareholder, mana badno returnkisa causes suuqa waa suuq madow customer. Hotels are western somalis and somali dibaada lacagtisa keensaday kuwasi waa kuwi loo mari laha 'iibka' localka. PL has the livestock of hawiye wax kale ay haystan oo qiimo leh ma jiro, anaga qaadano in Bosaso

So we must not invest in the peasant ama waxaa kordhayo hormuud iyo hg, waa in aan suuqa ka qaadna the southie and begin hospitals under the guise of medical kkkk. We must open a PL hospital in Hamar lakin magac been ah ayaan uu bixinaya and we will have 'hawiye wakiil ah' we can begin production on peasant who doesnt have money so no business is interested unless of course you know what I mean? We must ensure only 'elites' are in parliaiment and government because 'peasantka' inu kordho waa khatar, he must stay in 1 dollar market. Elite lacag haysto only has to be kuwa dibada ka yimi si ay iyagu lacagtooda uu soo celiyann to western world marki somalia business profits end. The aim is to ensure the millions of southies remain 2 dollar, because if he increases wuxu noqon kara customer and noone wants that at all because then he will share in the profit with us and it wont be for 300 diaspora mps, western diaspora returnees, puntland who takes xoolaha hawiye
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