Somalia foreign policy "Somalia deserves what is happening to them" Minister Abdisalan Omar

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I am not shocked by the sentiments expressed by govt. Their contempt for us & Somalia is evident in their actions. Bastaarada ka xuun maba jiiro.

Baal eeg Ethiopia aad baa looga baqaa. They have the somali government literally by the balls.

Our sovereignity means nothing to these pieces of human waste.:pacspit:


HRH Duchess of Puntland, The Viscount of Garoowe
Let's not blame Ethiopia. That provides an excuse for these self-serving leeches some want us to refer to as the Somali government.
Who blamed ethiopia? I was blaming these xaar basha booty clappers sitting there hatin their own people. Ethiopia is best friend kulaha. It's not ethiopians fault that these politicians kiss their ass.
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