Somalia Fishery Industry


Come in guys and check out the earning in this industry. We all need to move Bandar Bayla and get to know this fishing game from the master of this game @Jablibax Currently there is 70,000 fishermen producing $135 million dollar worth of fish, per capita is $2000 per fishermen a year. No wonder this futo qaawan @Galmudug-State is trying to set up a jetty port in Galmudug trying to get a slice of this lucrative trade that is primarily locked down by 'Puntites' for centuries. There is a potential yearly $1 billion in this market in just the current market scope of Ethiopia/Somalia. There is a shortage of fishermen, at this rate u need 70,000 for every $135000 million which means for an output production of $1 billion dollars u would need to scale the workforce by 7 times.

7 x 70000 and technically need 500,000 fishermens. But this is the problem the $1 billion will be shared with larger pool of workers. At that rate it would keep the average yearly earnings of a fishermen to $2000, so the trick for Puntites is, let's keep the fishermen population low and change their 'mode of production' thru technology and larger boats to secure this market for ourselves.

Galmudug futo qaawan waad aragteen his setting up fishing jetty always following Majerten, we must stop this at all times now watch it and cancel his equipments to build the fishing jetty in GM as it may interrupt in Puntland chokehold of this industry. If we can 'vamp' up the fishing game to $1 billion, we will own another 'large' sector of Somalia GDP which is 15% in Majerten hand.

Even if we hire puntites at the same rate of 70,000 per 150 million dollars and expand that as a potential work-force for another 450,000 people it will 'reduce' our unemployment by a big 'margin' and bring it down to from now where it's hovering 60% down to 50% thru that excess 450,000 leaving the unemployed. Our employment would've be been slashed by 10% how-ever it is only for a $1 billion game though which isn't a good thing.

Maybe it will add another extra dent to the GDP by creating more workforce in the 'supply-chain' especially trucking and boat factory and repair shops opening up to service this new 'workforce', so our service sector should get a nice boost in response to investment in fishery.

We need to ensure the supply-chain and industry stay locked to Puntland at all time. That $1 billion if shared with 6 million workforce will bring us down to 'farmer' game where they need to share their cheap ass final product with 6 million people and is literally $57 per farmer or something stupid a year, it's a dollar a day game kkkk, yet we can achieve the farmers total output earnings with only 500k workforce and therefore increasing our worker to worker yearly earnings where each fishermen is getting $2000 a year while the farmer is down to $50 a year.

It was these strategic moves by puntites early in their history that ensured we remain the richest clan in Somalia as we worked in more expensive final products then the rest of the nation like livestock-fishery-frankincense-tannery-etc. We must ensure we keep up this historical legacy so our industries are leading the nation by GDP and our unemployment is decreasing.
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Somalis don’t consume fish.

That is a big problem...

This doesn’t apply to Puntland. It has a large fishing community due to its vast coastline, making up nearly half of Somalia’s coastline (1600 km out of 3300 km).