Somalia’s revenue will begin to increase exponentially

As good governance has been returned after 25 of rampant corruption and disintegration of institutions our current government has done much to improve the conditions of our armed forces and has ensured a consistent increase in revenue. With the debt relief process in progress the goal is to use the funds available to us in beginning to stimulate the economy and allow for jobs to return to our large youth population. Infrastructure projects will be paramount in allowing for the living conditions of all citizens to improve and this will be only aided with our commitment to security alongside our international partners.


Ibrahim hassan

Esteemed Excellency
Yup xamar alone can make near 1 billion if taxed well, and as we are seeing right now ecconmy is getting much better every year and Somalia as whole is ecconmic lion waiting to be unleashed, we don't even need oil but it will be the icing on the top.
Prime Minister Kheyre explains the importance of these improvements in terms of nation building and reassures the populace that only greater achievements will be garnered. The increase in soldier pay is only the start and will continue to increase to make sure soldier morale is strong and deter them from working with outside groups.


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