Somali women, do you get hit/approached on a lot?


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Seems like the man you are looking for is still rare in the market. If am not mistaken a few month ago you posted saying you are looking for a man that is fluent in English and Somali and have intellectual conversation and debate with me. I will pray for you :mjkkk:

:dabcasar:I will pray for you, too.


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This is Aussie-Roger.

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This is your average Canadian Abdi

Choice is yours.


I think the Canuck and his chain melted. my days......i wear Burkha so that i can get peace. For some reason i got respect if i wear ninja but when i wear just Hijaab i hear alot of whistling and

"Hi mami or shorty" feri aggressive doqoniimo but wait till i got my ninja --- guys be like .....Assalam Aleikum

Basra important question

What qabiil are you ?