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Somali Women Are Against The New Bill In Somalia That Would Allow Forced Child Marriage


[Beeldaajiyaha Cali Saleebaan]#PIM#N&NDown
:farmajoyaab:What is wrong with the Somali parliament? passing a law that normalizes and encourages paedophilia, this means as soon as a girl gets her period her parents can marry her off, some girls start getting their dhiig as young as 9,something has to be done about this.

I haven’t read the bill so I don’t have a full understanding of what the bill says. In Islam, a girl is ready for marriage once she’s physically and mentally mature. This has been agreed by Primary Islamic books (Quran and Sahih Hadiths) and the four schools of Islamic fiqh (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i and Hanbali). Somalia should set the age of marriage to 15 or 16 when it comes to marriage.


Boqor of Boqors. The man your wife fantasises of.
I am against that shit too. Not only Somali Women.

Personally I would shoot anyone that tries coming for my daughter (if i had one)

This is straight wasakhnimo walahi. Way dhinteen. This age 15 shit is also nonsense walahi.

20+ is what I consider mature for a girl and even then they must have the choice.


The founder of Somali Civil Liberties Union(SCLU)
She sounds annoying. She should lose 20 lbs and fix her teeth, and then I might listen to her.


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