SOMALI woman goes crazy on FB live and reveals that her husband stole her money 2 marry a 19year-old

Wow my heart goes out to her but really, what was she thinking marrying a "scrub"? her words
Yes but take a look at her, no respect for her own health and size whatsoever, what makes you belief she will respect anyone else or even the husband? The women biologically speaking is far more image conscious then the most compulsive obsessive male.

I can guarantee you that the 18/19 year old that repugnant dude went for is the complete opposite of her, a slim, healthy looking women that looks after herself. This scenario is played out almost everyday in different formats.

It's a shame a lot of man don't have the balls to set the standards/limits before they get with these women, they wait and wait until after she has casually put on 100 pounds (point of no return) then they casually walk out on her because of a lack of attraction which is natural, the scumbags cheat and the one with more dignity finds a second wife.
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