Somali woman from Garowe who married American divorced

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Anyone with a functioning brain could have seen this coming. Now this Xalimo will have a hard time remarrying because she was with an Ajinabi. Mac Sokor.


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This is fake, no way nin cadaan who was in an American jail for killing someone who then came out, professed his love for a xalimo in garowe married her then left her after experimenting with her malab, impossible..... 2FE14BA7-758E-4F55-92C7-C2A01347E054.png62ED7E52-89FA-446A-9C9D-A9C42805B13B.png


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If I remember the story correctly, she was from America and that was how they met.
Somali elders today are cucks sxb whether it comes to selling our land or women. May they die off sooner rather than later
I don't respect none of them fof bringin us to gaalo lands and making fun of our lack of dhaqan but yeah i will be very glad when these warlords and criminals die off even though i don't wish any problems for others
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