Somali wildlife

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I took these pictures while I was in Somalia and just never got around to making a thread about it. This is from Laascaanood to Karin Dabeyl Weyn btw so only about a 2.5 hour drive maybe.

If you look closely you can see a mom carrying her baby monkey on her back lol

At first I thought this was just a baby deer but it’s actually fully grown. It’s called a sagaar in Somali, dik-dik in english.

Here’s a fox, or a dawaco in Somali.

These were just the ones I could capture quickly since they’re the most common ones I saw. In that 2 hour trip I saw 2 packs of monkeys, at least 7-8 sagaaro (easily the most common), and 3 foxes.

I saw a turtle (diin), a huge one at that just its shell was probably the size of our land cruiser tire but we were going to fast for me to take a good pic unfortunately.

Besides that I saw dozens of different species of birds, all colourful with cool feather designs and those are almost impossible to capture.

It’s crazy how much Somali fauna and wildlife is flourishing to the point you’ll see so many animals just from driving on the roads. Imagine if there were real expeditions done, how many animals you’d see. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were lions or something cool like that. Also I wonder how different the wildlife is at night. When we were driving back at around 8 pm in the night (it’s pitch black in Somalia by then), we saw more foxes. I also saw the milky way galaxy for the first time ever as well which was cool.