Somali Song: Mohamed Alta & Dalmar Yare – Bosniya

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Al hadj 'peeping Tom' it would be nice of you if you could only use this thread to post all of your songs here instead of creating multiple threads for each.
Menace, the voice of the Shariif Abdalla is different; perhaps, it is due to the age or difficult time that he was in.
Throwing around insults and then stating we came here for peace? GFY asshole. At least be man enough to tell us your previous knicks.
Apologies if I may have offended you in any way I thought you wouldn't have a problem with 'peeping Tom' name because you revealed yourself as such few years ago in somnet

BTW I've never been a Sneter but I used to lurk there around 2010-2012.

Just be man enough and claim who you're or shut the hell up. Throwing insults while inventing nonexistent stereo-types is the sign of wicked, and then not being able to claim who you're. it is called insecurity.
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