Somali sending over 20 doctors to help fight coronavirus in Italy.


Y’all are my sons
Yikeees why do this tho:damsel:

we need those doctors ourselves:damn:

but Allah helps those who help others so it’s a good thing I guess:damedamn:


What a joke , didn't Egypt and Turkey renovated the ruined dusty debri filled Digfeer and Soobe Hospitals and flown in their specialised doctors to stitch up QARAX victims , wait wasn't some flown to Izmir for immediate surgery and how come corrupt Nairobi's healthcare services and facilities are light years ahead of us .
Only a braindead N&N would take this absurd fallacies seriously

Do you see the state we are in ?

How can we take the words of Farmaajo and his bulaacad mouth seriously when we have one of the highest lifetime risk of maternal deaths in the world, with women facing a one in 22 lifetime risk of maternal deaths.

Women die and suffer from obstetric fistula annually which is a life shattering complication of childbirth, the hospital staff are inadequate and their facilities unequipped , it's EU NGOS flying in volunteers from Italy !

Somali doctors cannot perform independently and cannot provide services without the supervision of a foreign doctor

They don't even know what antiseptics are loooooooooool

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