Somali resources being stolen????

The tantalite example is a somali man looking for investment and hasn't extracted anything yet to sell.That company has 0 orders.....


Freedom Fighter, Anti Riba.
Is this really question our fish the minerals everything is taken away from us we r cursed ppl
Its embarrassing wallahi same shit for 30 years the roads are still not paved.


Allah is punishing us, we use to have izzah ( honour) because somalis were more pious hundreds of years ago.

Someone on this forum recently posted a arabic-somali writing script somalis were warriors who loved the deen.


Now we either got extreme takfiri ideology blowing up civilians or extreme liberal-secular ideology which wants to strip islam from its roots.


It's hard to take tons of minerals without proper mining companies setting up camp and building structure to mine. The locals would be furious.

However if corrupt leaders close of a section of land and let them mine in secrecy then it's possible.

However the most likely cause is dumb Somalis back home selling small chunks of minerals to middle men that then sell these minerals for an inflated price and rip them off.