Somali Representation In TV-Shows

why does the mainstream media keep trying to push foolxumo (and INACCURATE) representation of us?
Maybe they're triggered by the idea of gorgeous Africans :mjswag:i don't blame them for feeling threatened
theres no way this shit is on accident man. I know some real dark somalis but they still look somali. she doesnt look somali at all :farmajoyaab:

Desert Flower

Staff Member
No excuse in 2020. I remember when they tried to pass this girl off as Somali in Degrassi. But that was in the early 2000's. Hazel Aden kulaha.

This is just getting hilarious at this point

We need a media campaign for horn African representations. AAs and West Africans complain about poor representation of their people, and I think that's fair for them to get upset. Now its our turn.