Somali Rappers


Somali females, team Scandi sxb:sass2:
Musti - check out her album called Qoyska
@one she is repping your dusty Burco town, show her some loof.:fittytousand:

Cherrie is classic, if you haven’t heard of her you’re missing out on her soothing voice.
I'm missing out sxb , I don't stumble on overseas rapping but damn Swedish rap is becoming my new fix

The voice , melody very catchy the beats I could replay all day kkkk


He did live at Capital Park at one point but never banged shit. The reason he got pressed was because He was from my old hood Wedgewood Village where it’s mostly Somali Bantu and some Somalis. They were beefing with CP faarax’s over some petty money beef (some faaraxs finessed some bantu niggas out of A lot of of money) their was shoot outs between both hoods but nobody died and the Bantu niggas and faarax’s just squashed the beef.

wedgewood village on the westside of Colombus is way worse then CP
He seems to be having fun kkkk
We got a cbus nigga up in here nice :wow:

Is moe faygo bout it? Last time I was in the city niggas was clowning on him. Northside is pretty fucked up idk if i'd say wedgewood is more on it than cp
I lived in Minneapolis most of my life, I lived in Colombus for like 2 and a half years. I stay in San Diego now, I never met moe faygoo but from what I heard he was beefing with some other mathow niggas and he did get shot and survive back in 2018. The north side overall is more active then the westside. But wedgewood got A lot of steppers this one somali guy I use to kick it with everyday got shot at and caught like 2 bodies and beat the murder charges because it was caught on camera. (self defense) He knew Moe faygoo too.
this his IG
So far in 2020 it’s been over 102 murders in Colombus, OH. It’s been getting active especially on the north side.


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