Unverified Somali Presidential Candidate supports Israel. (Familiar Face)😉


moderate power corrupts moderately
every muslim nation that has relation with israel is either dicatorship or a failed state, so it make sense for us to start relation with them.
u think if darood functioned as a clan instead of backstabbing each other everyday, they wouldn't be able to take on hawiye? :drakewtf:

all I am saying is anyone who hates Israel for their treatment of palestinians, but works with Ethiopia is confused af. Hating on Ethiopia should be a pre requisite for hating on Israel since both are guilty of the same crimes, except Ethiopia's crimes is against ethnic somalis who are muslim.
I never said we couldn't take on Hawiye, if Darood operated as a singular clan like say the Isaaqs, than the damn country would be ours. We don't function as 1 clan and we have egos not seen in other Somalis. It is what it is. :kanyeshrug:

Agree with your second paragraph. Fuck Ethiopia any day and twice on Sundays.


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