Somali party 1996 London

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:bell: It's the French influence, I bet. I'm proud to be Somali.

Speaking of which, why are Somalis zealots. They do everything in extremes. When they are SJWs. They go full kamikaze. Spearheading a BLM protest inside a Whole Foods. When they are qabilist they won't let their daughters marry outside of the tol. On one extreme they are Salafi and on the other buck wild, some even vacillate between the two extremes depending on the day. Whatever happened to balance? :gucciwhat:

I noticed that too... When a Somali is focused on something important to them they go full super saiyans

Aan ooye albaabka ii xidha. Sidaas baad la isku bixbixiya. This was the time when xalimos took their cue from Janet Jackson and guys were trying to get their Prince on, the singer, not their shukansi. Those were innocent days.

Reminds me of the clubs in Mog city where Fartuun slammed the booty up against my skinny frame and sent me flying across the dancefloor and knocked the DJ's turntable over, but that was before I lost all my hair. Come to think of it, it was before she lost hers too. Good times.

Acudhubillah look at these s and saqajaans.

May God make me among those who never participate in such lowly activities. Ameen.

So far all the UK Somalis I've met are losers who fornicate and do drugs, are uneducated, and are homely homebodies. Hardly anything to relic.
Says the Christian qaxooti.

Don't worry, your iman is safe abaayo. Jesus does not forsake his African converts.
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