Somali nicki minaj


igafuuq 2.0
UK rap is the shit wollahi :banderas: Idc what anyone says about it. It slaps better the Dutch Nonsense
They have awesome bars, the words put together is macaan but American's have better flows and better rappers. idk about dutch i never heard it :lawd:

Awdalia Rising

SSpot Special Correspondent
UK definitely has the most wack rappers ever. How can one island be home to so much trash??? Also UK accents or any European accents are NOT suited for rap. There’s a reason nobody from there ever blows up big internationally. Your accent / lingo stops you from flowing right on a beat


Make Dhulos Great Again
She’s tryna force her way into the industry with no talent lol might aswell go liya route and go be on ig. Got to get surgery though she’s lacking in se
Surprise surprise she’s beefing with liyah mai right when her music came out

anti black rhetoric?


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