Somali need communism

Yes, I'm sure this ideology that requires the government to be good and ethical and the people to be totally cohesive and submissive won't be abused in the slightest :dabcasar::dabcasar::dabcasar:
Karl marx had good ideas but ussr ruined his idea. Socalism is the way for Somalia everyone equal
Karl Marx critique of capitalism is the most correct up to date. But a workable political and economic model that mirrors his teachings doesn't exist and it's too complicated for somalia/land to start with, when the western world can't seem to understand it themselves. The second problem would be, we live in a capitalistic globalist society where everything sort of relate to each other, and the most successful markets are the ones that take advantage of this phenomenon. The third thing would be, the negative implications it would have for the country, from a political perspective where we would be excluded from many lucrative political positions, and from an economic perspective, investors would refrain from putting their money in our businesses because the fear of irregularities of not having a free market.

I think we need to keep it simple and balanced if we want to have an efficient and effective progress in somalia/land. The usage of Karl Marx philosophy might be something the whole world would adopt in few hundred years when an imminent threat to our endless production of our finite resources will run out. But this thing will never and should never happen in somalia/land today.
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