Somali men on social media


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they were hating on us too much I always with my twitter account insult them back with the others but we weren't in great numbers and the maadows always won. I will give you example of the sort of hate we received and why I don't care for these maadows crying and begging us to be black
"would you rather f*ck a somalian or die"
"how does it feel somalian boys not getting any girls"
"no such thing as a peng somalian they're all ugly species"
"imagine being Somalian"
"somalians eat air for breakfast"
"if a somalian girl kisses me I would punch her"
"a somalian moved to me i feel ugly"
"somalians aren't human"


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That makes no sense whatsoever. African Americans do not hold a monopoly on blackness. Somalis, Zambians, Rwandans, etc. fall under the black umbrella too.
We have nothing in common...I'm fine if you want to mingle with and identify as part of j4reers.. I don't feel any kinship with these people unless they are Eritrean, Ethiopian, North Sudanese or Djiboutian.

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I am Majeerteen Saxon and our clan originates from the Balkans. So as a Caucasian this doesn't concern me, and in turn does not bother me.


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Why do Somali men embarrass us on social media? Sure Somali women are clout chasers, but Somali men absolutely destroy our image. I’ll be on twitter looking at a topic that has nothing to do with us. One person mentions Somalis (mind you it’s usually not in a negative way) and all of a sudden a swarm of Somali men come out and spew all sorts of anti-black rhetoric. These men don’t seem to comprehend that they are black themselves, and make Somalis look horrible to the other black diaspora. So I ask the collective of Somali men, why are you guys so self-hating and toxic online?
Russian disinformation bots using the Somali name to cause division in the black online community


A pious muslima.
I am proud that Somali boys are defending us on social media... because I am embarrassed by all these blm supporters, lgbtq supporter, kpop lovers Somali female online.

Allah makes somalis great again.
We are black as well. No one sees us as different from bantus. Just because we look a little different doesn’t mean we are a completely different race.
A little different? :kodaksmiley: Just because Japanese look a little different doesn't mean they aren't arab or iranian. Or european. Just because they have different size eyes doesn't mean shit. They have the same colour skin and same type of hair and so they are white.
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This thread makes me feel sick. People really think Somalis are Arab, Caucasian, or black?? How hard is it to say Somalis are Somalis? You don't ass-clap for those Eurasians to make yourself feel good. You're only adding to their White supremacist ego. Just say Somalis are Somalis; claiming to be any of the latter would spoil your identity and empower them and in return leave you empty handed. If those Europeans really cared they wouldn't have tarnished our reputation by giving us an IQ of 68 (Mental retardation BTW). It's all a scheme to add to their empowerment, just how they praise East Asians for being High IQ and a "Model Minority". Don't be foolish and fall for that trap as you're merely being used as a tool, not someone of importance. So put your foot and just claim to be your own people.
Cushitic is some bs that europeans came up with. I am not related to Ethiopians, thank you very much.
“Ethiopian” is not a ethnic group, it’s a nationality. If you’re referring the Amharas and the Tigrinya’s, they aren’t classified as Cushitic. They are classified as Semitic people.


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