Somali men are a curse!


Make Dhulos Great Again
I guess this is what I get for putting Horner first :wow1:
No problem, just don’t get angry when you take a picture of your child and waxaad arkisaa waax bahal oo mikel jaksan oo eeg, is that what you really want ms nilotifian....


Due to stressing out the guy
f*ck these dhocils bro wallahi learn to block out niggas left right center family members anyone that giving you high cortisol levels put that ass on mute ififjdjdj we kangs out here gotta live long as possible they need us man

Ive just witnessed two elderly cadaan couple holding hands, they were probably in mid 80s. I’ve never seen elderly Somali couple married, either the husband always dies first or he marries a younger woman and leaves the first wife heart broken. Somali men are a curse!

Have you ever seen an elderly Somali couple still in love and married?
They never married for love. The husband or his father went to the wife's father and said here's a 100 camel give me your daughter. Traditionally The wife doesn't have a say. She's forced to marry and obey a stranger. Sometimes it works. Sometimes she cheats (and who could blame her when she never wanted that marriage). Sometimes she catches her and marries a younger and more beautiful wife. Somali families are mostly doomed before the start.