Somali Macalin beats kid

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This is horrifying, how dare that kid fight back and put his hands on the macalin, I bet that kid is one of those annoying little fuckers running around causing trouble and making the other kids lose focus from their cashir
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He's got pent up homosexuality so I'm not sure he'd hate it.
They all do. That is why they keep the boys away from girls so they can turn gay, dress in frocks, and engage in Bachi Bazi. They tried it on me in dugsi, but Allah was with me so I bolted out of there for the nearest house of ill fame where the sheikh's daughter plied her wicked trade. Hell even the Shaytan was with me. Satan is anti-homo.
In dugsi back home, we used to gather wood sticks on Thursdays for the macalin to beat us with for the rest of the week. In primary school, this teacher used to scare us with a mechanical pencil sharpener by threatening to cut our ears off with it. Once I was late so this Sudanese teacher took me to the office and beat me with a stick slightly thinner than a baseball bat. This was in kenya.
Looks like they didn't beat u hard enough, they should've........
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i actually have a scar on my leg from when my old macalin hit me with a metal rod with a sharp end.

the guy was psychotic :damn:
the silver lining is that one of the boys came back one year, huge as f*ck and beat the hell out of him. :banderas:
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