Somali kids getting taken away from parents.

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How come Somalis collectively get outraged at the CPS and demand the return of the kids when the Somali parents cry to the community? Why don't they ask about the kids safety? They're always collecting money to hire a lawyer and the parents are usually playing innocent and crying but nobody asks about the kids safety, what if the child was indeed in danger? We all know Somalis sweep mental illness under the rug, what if they do more harm to the kids.
I think Western countries should do to a higher degree, it'll deter unhelpful parenting methods like denying your children basic autonomy and bodily integrity.
I know a lot of Somali parents who shouldn't have their kids. Beating their kids with radio wires and verbally abusing them, killing their self esteem. I wouldn't be surprised if they found bruising on these kids and took them away for their own safety.


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theres nothing more dangerous than having your baby raised not to wash their xaar properly in the somali community
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In my old hood we had this extremely racist landlord who completely had it out for the Somalis living there. She really had something against my family in particular though, and so one day she sent the child services after us under this ridiculous notion that my hooyo wasn't sending my siblings to school or something

Needless to say the CPS told my hooyo after all was said and done that our family was doing exceptionally good and that she should take action against the landlord. Not to say that there aren't Somali children who do need help, but as someone who has been through this I'd take any of this CPS bull with a large grain of salt. Innocent Somali families in cases like these are the rule, not the exception
Usually when the kids are taken away it's because of neglect or abuse obviously in that circumstance the kids would be better off under another Somali family in the community but from what I heard most families loose their kids over small stuff like not being able to speak English :cosbyhmm:
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