Somali identity being question on reddit

lmao, Middle-Easterners look very different to us, even our noses are Nilotic, they have longer or hooked noses so would we give credit to them for negligible input. Wheww, the delusions. :ftw9nwa:
How do you know the evolution of the nose comes from Nilotic? did they reconstruct a nilotic skull and found it had thin nose? this is part of the ideological war going on between the Indo-European and Niger-Congo, one uses the Semitics as proxy and the other uses the Nilotics and Nilo-saharan, and for them everything comes from MENA.


Steel Magnolia
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hhhh. Not me, :dead: i am only interested in the history of the person. I was surprised that Somali
girls were posting their mugs on the 23andme for the whole to see. I did post my results on
23andme but without a mug. I don't like my pic on the net.
Its a scary thought, actually. I don't like to put myself out there. People save photos too.


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