Somali History Topic- Images and Evidence

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Let's use this topic to compile evidence of Somali historical achievements/notable people, history, images etc.

If it is positive and to do with Somalia and even Cushites, post it.

Thereafter, we can take it to social media.

Somalia around 59–62 AD(when the text was written by a Greek explorer)



Opone (Ancient Greek: Οπώνη) was an ancient Somali city situated in the Horn of Africa. It is primarily known for its trade with the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Persians, and the states of ancient India. Through archaeological remains, the historic port has been identified with the city of Hafun on the Hafun peninsula in modern-day Northeast Somalia. It is possible that it corresponds to the Land of Punt as known by the ancient Egyptians during the Old, Middle, and New Kingdom.

Malao- Berbera

was an ancient Somali port city in present-day Somalia. The town was situated on the site of what later became the city of Berbera. It was a key trading member involved in the Red Sea-Indian Ocean commerce in the early centuries CE. The town also maintained an important monetary market for merchants exchanging goods in the currencies of the Roman Empire.[1]

Hi Shanshiyo!

Let's focus on undisputed information first and foremost.
As a Somali national, you can also help share information on the Shanshi people. (Aren't Shanshis at least part ethnically Somali btw? )
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