Somali Guy Who Got Banned from Coming to a Chinese Buffet !!!

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I don't know if this story can provide a laughter here but this is based on a true story.

This Somali guy used to go to this buffet run by Chinese immigrants. All that he used to eat was fish and kitchen. He used to sip a little bit of water when he was consuming those food items.

Well, the problem developed because the brother used to stay in that restaurant for hours, taking his time to consume all of that chicken and fish.

He was not initially noticed. However, one day one of the employee of that restaurant was replacing one of the empty fish pans with a new one that is full of newly cooked fish. Well, the Somali guy was right there next to it, and as soon as the employee put down the pan, he just grabbed it and poured it over to his plate. He did not leave any fish in that pan but took the whole thing.

Well, that was the trigger that informed the buffet restaurant owners this fella is taking more than his fare share.

From that moment, every day he paid visit to that buffet restaurant, at least one of the employee would keep eye on him and ask him if he is done and ready to go. The Somali guy did not care what he was being asked but would stay there as long as he needs it - we're talking about hours here folks - and consume as much his belly could take, and the brother was known to consume enormous amount of food.

The cat and mouse game between restaurant employees and the Somali guy escalated to the point where whenever he goes to areas near where the fish and chicken pans are, he had at least one employee blocking his way. The Somali fella would buy his time and whenever that employee departs to another task, he would make his move to the bar that contained the chicken and fish pans.

The buffet restaurant owners came up another plan where as long as the Somali fella is around, they would keep a limited amount of fish and chicken in those pans. The Somali fella came up his own plan where he would be around when the buffet restaurant is busy most of the time - which was mainly Friday afternoons, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Eventually, the restaurant owners had enough. They waited for the Somali guy one day in front of the restaurant and told him as soon as he tried to walk into the restaurant, "sir we don't want your business."

The Somali guy sued that restaurant, and the judge sided with him that the restaurant can't stop him from coming in and eating in that restaurant as long as he is not disturbing them, and as long as that restaurant is designated as a buffet. The Somali fella was awarded with 30K for punitive damages.

Bottom line, if you're a wiil or gabadh 'cir-weyn', there you have your opening. You can sue any restaurant that doesn't let you have your fill!

Queen Carawelo


Greedy Faraax.

But indho yars need to know buffet means buffet, they can't open a buffet and expect people to not eat unlimited food.

I need to hit up a buffet, I haven't been to a buffet for years now.

Idman loooooooooool!

Watch out sister. You will gain excessive weight if you will go to a buffet. For some reason, the food served in buffet restaurants contains excessive fat. I guess they buy the cheapest food in order to cover buffet costs.


Theirs this indhayar buffet near us and a lot of skinnies go there on eid, some even come from south Seattle. Sometimes they fight and shit probably over the nasty chicken.:hova: Anyway I got food from there this one da Walahi the chicken was nasty af. I took one bite and didn't even bother taking another one. I don't know why skinnies waste their money on this shit place. If it wasn't for their kids who like going there for the sweets and stuff I don't think they'd fuk with it.

Anyway I rather go to a makhayad and get me some BBQ chicken and hilib geel/ari than eat at a fuking indhayar buffet.

Big ups to the brother for getting his dough. :win:
I've had my fair share of beef with indhayars, I used to hit up some of their 'buffets' back in Vancouver. Those cunning mofos keep refilling your glass with cold water and use ajinamoto to fill you up quick. I would get full so fast, yet barely had anything. Marki dambe waan la gartay sheekada and would ask for ajinamoto free food. . Funny enough it tasted much better and fresher.

Now though, I frequent Lebanese restaurants and good 'ol hometown buffet.
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