Somali guy wants to be a KPOP dancer


Let that sizzle in your spirit
theres not that many tbh but they just get highlighted by twitter xalimos. theres far more fruity arabs and all that but these twitter xalimos gas up fruity faraxs so you probs see them more
These twitter xalimos are not 100 in their heads.
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It's a known fact that arabs been doing sexually deviant shit. Kacsi corrupted them beyond repair. If they cant find a girl, walaashooda bay ku tagaan, if not,then a dude, then if they cant find a guy, they take turns on a dameer.


Somalia Hanoolato
He's honestly not that good of a dancer. His performance didn't seem that well-rehearsed or thought through and that's the biggest disappointment to me. Why put yourself on blast if it's not the absolute best?
Diss him all you want but the xalimos rejected by kpop will all flock to him. :sass2: All he needs now is a stick big enough to keep the fat ones away.