Somalia Somali Govt To Install Bomb Detectors In Mogadishu

A $1M project to place bomb detectors in downtown Mogadishu is in the offing, Radio Dalsan has learnt.

The detectors will be placed strategically from the KM4 area to Liido Beach area to avert car suicide bombings that continue to affect the capital a source from the Interior Security ministry told Radio Dalsan.

The system fixed a by a private security firm will alert when vehicle with explosive material is in its radar.

”If in place this will largely reduce Alshabaab attacks especially along Makkah Al Mukaramah road which remains the main target for the group” Abdi Ahmed Jama a security expert told Radio Dalsan.

Makkah Al Mukaramah road the main street in the capital is base to many government offices and hotels frequented by civil servants.

The bomb alert system is connected to Cctv cameras that will be able to pinpoint suspect vehicle from the control center in the NISA headquarters.

Merchant of Mogadishu

From Pella to Pattala, then back to Babylon
Or they could just move the capital

How on earth can you move a capital with all its governmental institutions temporarily to another city? I'm sorry but that stinks of cowardice. That will only create utter chaos. Al shabaab will just attack that capital and we'll all be back to square one.

Have you not heard of the saying, treat the cause not the symptom?
:bell: Why would they let this be known to the public? Now alshabab knows exactly what areas to avoid, and which ones to target.
They're not trying to catch a thief here. If knowing about it deters them from sending cars packed with explosives to these busy areas it is a good thing.


سلطنة مجرتين
Why not put bomb detectors inside and out ministries or villa Somalia some famous and influential person got killed not ago inside government property?


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