Somali girls and hitting their dms


It’s not that serious
You clearly don’t know me well enough do you? I don’t date Halimos. Just even contemplating the idea would make me puke let alone actually dating one.

I genuinely view Halimos as bottom of the barrel. My philosophy is why should I settle for canned fish when i can go out and eat lobster:sass2::mjlol::ufdup:
I don’t know why no one’s ever said this before but no one gives a fuck if you date Xalimos or not. Not a single soul :)
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when ever i hit their dms i get ignored or blocked automatically. Why do u girls do this before we can get to know each other
Sliding into social media has become too difficult, there are 100 simps that got there before you who are literally putting her on a pedestal. I've never in my life have been told I'm unattractive, and had my fare share of women. Like I can honestly say I'm a universal solid 9/10; and I still had girls rejecting me on social media, same girls who would literally lick my balls given the chance if I met them outside in the real world. I had solid 4/10s ignore me and block me for no reason, maybe they're just intimated by my Instagram followers, the pictures of videos I've got on there, my looks, etc...


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There's plenty more fish in the sea my man. Just work on building yourself, give them no attention and they'll be hitting your dms in no time


when ever i hit their dms i get ignored or blocked automatically. Why do u girls do this before we can get to know each other
Facebook messenger or Instagram DMs is not a place for you to seek relationships, it's practically infeasible , you will get ignored regardless of your appearance, social status or whatever , Social media is becoming regressive towards social mutualism , it have led to these circumstances , you should also acknowledge that every minute that passes in their DMs there are approximately 20 men simultaneously texting her. It has led to men being percieved as desperate send me vagene and bobs Lol

So don't waste your time sxb,
Go outside , look at your surroundings , school , workplace or suggestions from your circle.And if you're a bookworm there are also potential xaliimos in the libraries.

Marka ugaas, waxaan kugu talin lahaa ha Ku daalin baraha bulshada , waqtigaaga qaaliga ha ku lumin , waan huba hadii aad banaanka u soo baxdid ama aa ku xirantahay asxaab firfircoon in aadan weeyin gabar kuu qalma

Intaas ayaan wacyigelinteyda ku soo gabagabaynayaa

Waabilaahi Tawfiiq

ASC Waraxmatullahi wa barakaatu
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There's another way to approach girls online lol. Dming doesn't work if you're desperate.

I know this chick who blocks horny nibbas on the daily and I could give you her don'ts so that you avoid 'em :mjkkk:
U never ask a woman for advice they just gonna trick u lol

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