Somali girl Trying desperately to CONVERT a Madow guy she loves into islam at speakers corner


Author: H*ejabi secrets| hate lefties
Apparently this xalimos bf is a Kaffir Madow and is in a desperate situation to convert her Madow Lover to islam so that they can make mini king kongs.

But instead it took a different direction where all the Madows surrounded her and are fighting who will convert first to win the prize of her malab.


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the pussy is never yours, its just your turn.
Whats up with all these threads about somali girls lately? Whats so special about them?


Author: H*ejabi secrets| hate lefties
Son you need to get a life. Obsessing over women (and qabiil) online from hooyos basement isn't an actual hobby.
I'm actually at work now and rolling thumbs lol, besides I haven't lived with hooyo for 7 years :comeon: nice try but is she related to you?
These people are trying so desperately to bring back the gender wars "Ashy Abdis vs Cheap and clean Halimos" edition

Sorry guys this just isn't what is used to be. The real gender wars of Sspot were happening before January 2017.

Many people were martyred in those battles ..:wow:


The reformation did not include xalimo rants according to the marathon negotiations we had before we reached a deal:lolbron:
My bad:icon rolleyes:, I thought it was in regards to anything related to "Madow guys" and xalimos who date out (a.k.a all you talk about:icon lol:).

Where does the reformation come in then, if not eliminating such topics??:dabcasar:


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