Somali girl might’ve committed suicide


When will Xaarmaajo stop fearing Abiy?
Nah she was only looking for sensation.
No way that she wants to miss masturbation.

Hope iam right.
Just sent her pm.


Make Dhulos Great Again
She’s looking for attention, however if it’s true.......hopefully her sons not a geeljire... 75B6CDE5-B1C3-4ECA-BD21-8EC018212ED6.png


I have no proof, only whispers
She's just looking for attention. Suicidal people would not be acting like such a narcissist like she is.
People have committed suicide in public places in front of tons of people. In the social media age people have gotten to Facebook living their suicides and airing out their feelings on social media before ending themselves. Nothing new, and really shouldn't be dismissed as just 'attention seeking'.

Her struggle could be real and this could probably be just a way for her to say goodbye.

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